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A Night Out 

During this evidence and transformation project I decided to take images of my roommate doing her makeup and getting ready for a night out. The reason why I decided to shoot this specifically is because I wanted to show the everyday transformation women go through to feel beautiful. Many different individuals in our society wear makeup to accentuate their features and glamorize themselves. With my photographs I am trying to show the beauty standards that women feel they must live up to, most of which are created by big corporations and social media. I took inspiration from Lauren Greenfield’s work because in a lot of her photography she showed the female beauty standards and the underlying darkness to the glamor. When taking my photos, I wanted to do a lot of close-up shots of applying the makeup, as well as chronologically ordered to show the different stages. I included my roommates ‘final look’ to tie the whole series together. I purposefully added a more dull color to all my images as to not make them seem super bright, I wanted a more neutral aesthetic to them. I was happy with the images I took and hope that I was able to somewhat tell a story through photography. 

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