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Grays The Mountain Sends/Invasion

When looking at the different readings we were assigned by (Vilches, Schutmaat, Skidmore, Koudelka) and portfolios of other photographers such as (Adams, Koudelka, Schutmaat), I saw a very similar trend between people and their environments. When I was reading about Robert Adams and his landscape photographs, he wanted to show the representation between nature and manmade structures, “the transformation of landscape through human activity”. Within his photographs he also wanted to make viewers remember the original landscape and see the transformation it has overcome. I feel as if Adams is not commenting on his own opinion towards infrastructure and modernization, but however making the viewer contemplate how they feel about our growth as a civilization. Some of these similarities tied in to both Bryan Schutmaats works as well as others. Schutmaat had a clear message between showing landscape as well as portraits on individuals who live in them. He describes portraits as “giving the landscapes emotional substance to build on and add to”. By having two images side by side and knowing the correlation it can change the whole perspective. Seeing a beautiful landscape may make you wonder but having a portrait of a current resident can open new possibilities. Even other images posted by Josef Koudelka, there was a clear connection between people and their environments and how they resided in them. In my own photography I would like to explore this connection. I have taken photos that show our human development of technology and items we might not have within the next hundred years, and at least we may not recognize them.

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