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Continuation of Textures 

For my proof of concept, I have included 12 images that will be a part of my final project. The images that I have included show textures of fabrics, objects, nature, and skin. For the majority these photos, they were shot at a park near my house during a picnic. What I really like about these new images I have taken is that I have listened to my classmates’ responses about texture and composition and tried to implement it into my work. My classmates said that my images revolving around texture from before, were too far away and did not showcase that enough. I have tried to take more close-up shots, and with the help of lightroom be able to add detail to my pictures. Regarding printing, I still have not yet decided which images I will choose; however, I will be going to Mikes to do my printing. I was thinking of having my images printed roughly the size of an A4 paper (8.5x11). I have not yet spoke to them, but I will call them very soon to figure out pricing and turnaround times. Regarding deadline, at this moment I have completed about 33 out of 40 images and are satisfied with them. This weekend and upcoming week I will shoot more pictures in different locations. My friends and I have some upcoming events that might be good to shoot. At the moment, I am confident with my project and the upcoming deadlines and think I can achieve images that I will feel proud to add to my portfolio. 

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