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Key Critical Themes

Remediation, it is the relationship between old and new art and how new media can transform old media. I found this beautiful painting and decide to take a picture of it. To me this is a good representation of taking an older style and turning it modern. By using a new form of media such as my phone, I am showing how previous art can be reinterpreted into something different.


Surveillance art, it is about the value of being seen or not seen. In a lot of my photos I am unseen because it is not necessary for someone to always reveal themselves and be public. In this photo I have covered the face of one of my friends with her dog. It is to represent that faces and showing yourself is not the only way to express who you are.


Cell Phones, and the concept of new media. All of the pictures that I have taken over the semester have been used with my iPhone. This new form of technology opens us to a whole realm of efficient and easily used media. With my phone I am able to record, cut and filter images to my liking and I have it at the touch of my fingertips.

How My Eye Has Changed













At the start of the semester my photography skills were limited and uncreative. The way that I was taking photos was just to snap a quick shot, and I rarely paid attention to lighting or angles. I would start by picking something random around the room and deciding that was my object to shoot, but as the year went on, I started to think more critically of what items around me were more appealing through the lens of photography than others. Throughout the course I learned more and more about how to take more quality photos. I started switching my lens to portrait mode, which gave my pictures more dimension. I also started editing my photos with saturation and brightness filters. This brought my photos to life. With the process of changing my lighting, angles and editing work, I think I definitely improved my photography skills. 

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