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Narrative Event 

When looking at the readings from Angier and the portfolios from multiple photographers there were many similarities. My favorite works came from Lyle Ashton Harris and Helen Levitt because their photos were both very bold and had a strong focus on the subjects. One of my favorite photographs from Helen Levitt was an image of five children in New York in 1972. I really liked this photograph because of the color choices and all the different expressions of all the children, they look like their having a great time. I thought the aesthetic of the photograph was interesting because they were on a dirty street with the walls covered in graffiti but were playing with a pillow. When looking at Lyle Ashton Harris’s work I found his image called ‘Venus Hottentot’ (2000), really struck me. It was a very bold image of a woman with a metal breast plate posing in front of a graphic red and black wall. I really liked this image because of how striking it was and the subject is the focus. Her body stance is powerful especially with the color choices. I think both Levitt and Harris focused mainly on their subjects and creating a shot that would bring attention to them. 

Helen Levitt 2 1536 long edge.jpg
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