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Light and Dark as Evidence 

When reading about the works from Greenfield and Bergman, I found a lot of interesting similarities. They both have commonly taken photographs in more urban settings of individuals and are trying to convey a message. The images tended to be more city pictures and had great use of color and detailing to them. I think regarding Robert Bergman’s images, he wanted to showcase random individuals that are in the streets of urban cities and shine light on the random person. A lot of the times people are overlooked in daily life, however having such a powerful portrait of someone bring importance and significance. As to Lauren Greenfields photography they are quite striking images. I feel that her photography wants to showcase the glamor and popular culture lifestyle that we live in. In a lot of her photographs, I noticed pictures of plastic surgery, makeup, beauty pageants, modelling and so on. She is trying to shine light onto the world of female beauty and the standards women try to live up to. However, her photographs seem to have a darkness to them, almost a disturbing appearance. Some of her pictures are very graphic, bold, and shocking, and I think she is trying to rather than speak on the topic show the brutal honesty of it. Both photographers tell stories behind their work and have great use of color and storytelling in doing so.

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