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Everyday Boulder

My process in taking my images was to feature people in Boulder living out their daily lives. I went around 28th street and took images both at the small shopping center near Office Depot, and at 29th street mall. I went into the process not knowing what to expect and took photos as I walked around. I am very new to photography, so the most challenging part was altering the shutter speed and ISO in my camera to get the right amount of light and best image. I was surprised how my images turned out and was happy with the result. I wished that my images weren’t as warm as they were, I prefer when they have a cooler tone. I spent the most time on trying to find an aesthetically pleasing area that had people walking in a way that looked best. Regarding motion photography, I would like to try taking sports images, I think that would be interesting however I would need to find a way to achieve that in the future. My three takeaways were that I want to improve how to use my camera, start opening my mind and seeing through a photographer’s lens, and exploring new ways of motion photography.

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