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Social Media Short Story

TikTok was the social media platform I used to tell my short story. I decided to use this  platform because it is very popular among my generation now-a-days. People mainly use TikTok to make short videos about funny things that are relatable to contemporary viewers. One of the perks about TikTok is that you can continuously scroll for hours and watch short versions of videos and they will keep your attention. The negative impact of TikTok is that being on social media too much isn’t healthy and the messages are often superficial. TikTok helped me tell my story because it was easy to make a short clip that was about dorm life, which is also relatable to many today.



I chose paper and pen as my media material to plan out my short story. I prefer to use a basic raw media such as paper and pen. People a lot of the time would use photoshop or pictures or other forms of media to show their ideas, however sometimes I find those types of media are harder and more complex to work with. I like to strip things down raw and sketch them out in the most literal way possible. I didn’t end up running into any issues when creating the sketch of my idea on paper. However, the only set back I might have had is, because I am not the best artist, my visuals on paper might have not been an exact representation of my final video.

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