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Visual Research Archive

Steve McCurry.jpg

Steve McCurry 

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Joel  Meyerowitz 

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Alec Soth

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Frans Lanting

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David LaChapelle

Andreas Gursky 2.webp

Andreas Gurkst

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Paul Nicklen

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Annie Leibovitz 

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David Bailey

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Garry Winogrand

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Edward Steichen

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Tony Ray-Jones

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Charles C. Ebbets

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Michael Kenna

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Sally Mann

Photography Accounts

Review A Photo book 

The photobook I decided to review was called Annie Leibovitz At Work. I decided to review this book because she is one my favorite photographers and her images are known around the world. The three main aesthetics that I noticed about her photography is first the lack of color. In many of Leibovitz’s photos they are either black and white or a very neutral toned color.  The second thing I noticed is many of her photos have a very retro/old school feel. That may be because of the camera she uses or the grainy like texture she likes to use. And the third thing I noticed is her images feature around subjects. There always seems to be a point behind her photos, and it revolves around people. 


Leibovitz’s book progresses in a themed fashion. She has many different sections of the book that speak on her process and more intimate stories behind the photographs. Some of the sections are titled after people, or after genres of the photographs. For example, titled “John and Yoko” or “Dance” etc. Within these sections the photos related are included and expanded upon, which gives a good sense behind her vision.


I believe that the concept of this book is to show Leibovitz’s most famous and proud works and explain the process. Many of her photos consist of very well-known people/celebrities and it is encaptivating. People who are well known or famous can be seem almost as an alien from the point of the average person, however within her photography she brings realness out of them. The way that we see the celebrities changes and becomes more personal and relatable to the viewer. 


The photos are printed alongside text in the book however never encompass the full page. I am not sure why this is, but I do feel having not full-sized paged images fits Lebovitz’s style. She is a subtle photographer not flashy or extravagant, she likes to show people in a very natural real light. Regarding her technique, she has great sense of composition, lighting, and angles. For example, in an image of a pregnant Demi Moore, the soft lighting highlights her figure and the darkness behind her gives a feeling of strength. She is also photographed from a slight downward angle which elevates her and gives the subject power. This is one example of many that Lebovitz does to show off her subjects. This review book was very carefully put together and executed and showed the beautiful work of Annie Lebovitz which I am now even more impressed to know. 

John and Yoko.jpeg

Continued Inspiration 

Throughout this entire visual research achieve I have been able to help find myself as a photographer. I have realized that there are so many different artists who produce so much work that I cannot just limit myself to one. I always thought of myself to be more interested in color photography but looking at my completed visual research archive I have found that I do enjoy black and white images. What I love about black and white images is the contrast in shades and depth they can bring. However, I would still say my preferred style would be colored photos, mainly in pastel shades. By looking at so many different artists work and being able to go into depth about what I like and don’t like, I have taken some of this inspiration into my own work. I noticed that when I take photography, I do like the images to be slightly overexposed, as well as not have bright bold colors but more pastel shades. Also, through my visual research archive process I have learned to love simplicity and interesting scenes. Some of the pictures I would find most interesting were the ones of an empty gas station or nature that did not include any protagonists. I think images of just an environment or place can really transport you into a feeling and possibly give a nostalgic feel. I have taken that inspiration into my own work when trying to capture objects, nature or an environment and try my best to create an atmosphere. I loved doing this visual research archive because it made me learn more about myself as a photographer and what I am interested in capturing. 


William Eggleston


William Eggleston


Stephen Shore


Saul Leiter


Fred Herzog


Joel Meyerowitz 


Fred Herzog


Harry Gruyaert


Ernst Haas 


Cindy Sherman


Constantine Manos


Marie Cosindas 


Laurence Philomene 


Etheldreda Laing


Richard Misrach 


Karen Waters


Joel Sternfeld


Ansel Adams


Ansel Adams


Edward Weston


Man Ray


Man Ray


Robert Capa 


Fan Ho

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