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Inside Out 

When reading Ferdman’s article he discussed JR’s practice of portrait and him being both an “artivist” as well as a “photograffeur”. The author explains the way that JR uses his talents in photography to take images of the everyday individual and showcase them in a large way. As Ferdman described in the article, JR intension is to show off the citizens of the current area in a way in which they can occupy more physical space than they are normally allowed to. He also gets to know the people in that area to understand where to showcase the portraits for the most influential viewing. Throughout this reading I really appreciated JR’s take on portraits as well as activism. He takes photographs to bring light to individuals who may feel they have no one to represent them. The portraits both signify “no one” as well as “everyone” because he is trying to bring power to a group of people without showcasing anyone specifically. As continues in the article, it speaks on the importance of making one’s city their own and re-creating an already existing space. By photographing faces of local people and pasting it throughout the area, it changes the power dynamic and is extremely uplifting. I loved JR’s use of representation when taking photographs, and I would like to take that mindset into my own work in the future. 

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