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Final Response

There is a difference between old and new media art. Throughout time media has changed so drastically. If you look back into the 1920’s they were making films by taking small snapshots of pictures and pasting them together. This continued to transform, and color film was created. Only until recently we were completely reliant on digital cameras to take photos. At this moment film and photography is at our fingertips. My small iPhone that can fit in my pocket can photograph, film and edit at the touch of a button. The way technology has changed is astounding and anyone can be a film maker now-a-days and express their creativity. However, there is a significant difference between the creator and the audience when it comes to films. As a creator you have a structure of how you want your piece to be seen. A lot of filming can come down to technicality and how you will portray your message in the correct way. As the audience it is their job to take the material which they are shown and develop a message from it, whether it be the film makers or their own.  

With the growth of the media ecosystem most of us have the ability to access multiple forms of media. There are many types of media such as TV, electronics, raw media and the internet. Social media is one of the most popular forms of the internet. Crowdsourcing can have positive and negative effects. With the creation of social media, we are connected with people from all around the world and hear their voice. Social media is a way to express yourself as a creator and show your work and who you are in an online portfolio. The negative effects are that the overuse of media can be toxic. Media addiction is something very popular among our generation because a lot of us have adapted to living our lives online. Technology is something that can either help you or hurt you. Many of us struggle with ways to not let social media impact our mental health, but because so many people can be cruel while they hide behind their screens, sometimes negativity is too easily brought into the world. I believe that social media has its benefits and setbacks, however when used properly it can be a very useful tool to help promote individuality and creativity.

In the future as a society I hope we can achieve more of a balance when it comes to technology and media. I think that we need to learn how to use it more effectively and positively in order to receive the right outcome. I want media to be a creative outlet that lets people share their voice.

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