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Found Footage Video

Metaphor Of Self Video 

The production process for both my found footage video and my metaphor of self-video was relatively similar. I used iMovie to edit and layout both of my videos. The reason why I chose iMovie to edit most of my projects for this course is my familiarity with it. I find iMovie is one of the easiest and efficient platforms to edit on. What was most difficult for my found footage video was to find the footage and paste it together in a tasteful and new way. I chose the movie The Hangover because I wanted to make a trailer for a romance film and wanted to find a non-romance movie to contrast that theme.


For my metaphor of self-video, I had to choose footage and pictures that represented me, and I felt that was easy. When I was looking through my camera roll, I found lots of images and videos of my friends and things I enjoy and like to do. Because the metaphor of self-video was one of the first videos I made for this course, I do not necessarily think it was my best. I was getting more comfortable with iMovie at the time and finding my own creativity with how I like to edit.

The difference between the production process of the videos was mainly the content. I used the same platform to edit both videos however different layouts. My found footage video was made with using a trailer format, a romance theme. iMovie gave me a layout and I cropped clips and added them into iMovie, and then meshed them with the music and titles. I tried to make my trailer more unique by adding my own twist in regard to who the characters are and trying to change the Hangover movie theme. When it came to the metaphor of self-video, it had no layout. I made the video from scratch and tried to do it in a sort of montage. The montage was not as clean and professional as I would have liked, however I think it turned out to be a good representation of who I am.


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