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The Immortality Charger

This short film was a project I made for CMCI 1020. I decided to incorporate this film into my portfolio because I took a lot of inspiration from our class to create this movie. The topic of the project was to imagine how life would be after the COVID 19 pandemic. I decided to make a funny futuristic spy film that was about a human charging device, which is a piece of technology that makes humans live forever. I used a lot of inspiration from the topics I learned in CMDP 1400. For example, about the irony of technology such as the Unabomber case, where Unabomber supporters were posting their hate towards technology online. This made me think that technology is something that can save us or destroy us and is the technology we are making taking things too far, such as my charging device. We also learned about the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is about the resemblance of an inanimate object to a human being and how that would affect our emotions. Even though my futuristic charger does not represent a human being, the idea that technology would affect our emotions to the extreme that we would kill another human is a scary thought. 


This short film was a delight for me to create, and with the help of CMDP 1400 and all the concepts we have learned, I feel that I have grown as a filmmaker and wanted to include this film in my portfolio. 

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