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When reading about Diane Arbus, Khalik Allah and Steven Molina Contreras work, it gave me a lot of inspiration for my portrait project. Khalik Allah’s work especially captured me. Khalik featured his work around drug addicts and homeless people in Harlem New York, and the photographs are quite stunning. His use of lighting and detail within the images is what makes it so special. I was also surprised how good is images came out because it can be harder to take photography at night and find the best lighting. I enjoyed how ‘close up’ his images were and wanted to do something similar for my project. Not only did his work inspire me, but the works from Steven Molina Contreras. His work featured immigrants in the United States and some of their stories. His project included a lot of close family members and the images had great color composition. His subjects told their story through their expressions and the environment that they were photographed in. By being able to look around the subject’s environment you can get a better idea of who they are and how they live. All of Contreras images were very cohesive and had a great color pallet. I took inspiration from mainly these two photographers into my own work. When I was photographing my subject, I paid attention to small details about her disposition and expressions and tried to capture them as best I could. Sometimes the most minor expressions can tell a whole story.  

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