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In My Room

The images that I have taken have had both a lot to do with the most current reading by Henry Carroll, as well as the reading by John Szarkowski. In the reading by Carroll, he suggested good photography techniques such as framing, symmetry, foreground interest and so on. I tried to use foreground interest in my piano picture in hoping that it would create a nice leading line. I also attempted to do this with the Fiji water bottle picture. Carroll also mentioned having close-up or more detailed shots, and I tried to do that with my plant and portrait girl image.  Regarding Szarkowski’s writing, I tried to look at the ‘thing itself’ and truly see what I am photographing. I observed that with all the images I took and tried to see the context within the image. I took several different photos of each and changed the positioning several times to get what I wanted. Both Szarkowski and Carroll said to pay attention to the frame in which your image is in, and I did my best to try and understanding how to execute that. I am still extremely new to photography and have a long way to go, but I looked around my house and current environment to find the best objects I had and make them somewhat interesting. 

Plant with portrait.heic
Fiji Water.heic
Flower in mirror.heic
Flower on table.heic
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