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Locative Media Project

When designing my locative media project, I had to consider how to create an enjoyable atmosphere for my audience. I decided to read from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone novel by J.K Rowling. I wanted to give my viewers a snapshot image of what it would be like to eventually listen to the entire novel through my interactive experience. I first started off by recording my Harry Potter audio and nature soundtracks. I chose nature soundtracks to help the audience imagine they are outdoors in a beautiful environment. The next step was to plan my approach to the visuals. I walked outside and filmed the nature and pool. I felt it was important to show calming and serene scenery to avoid distractions and have them focus on the audio. 



The use of space and time is very important when shooting a video like this. It is crucial to think about how the audience will perceive the video because it can be different from your perception as a film maker. I thought about the use of scenery and what nature I wanted to show. I started by walking through the woods to give a rawer visualization of the outdoors. I then proceeded to walk by the pool to add variation to my visuals. This is a good idea because it keeps the audience interested and takes them on a journey. Your audience should feel like they are with you, experiencing the journey through your lens. 

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